Dallmer Hoofshoes
Dallmer Hufschuhe
DALLMER Hufschuh mit T-Bügel

Dallmer Hoofshoes

The best for the horse
The high road towards a healthy hoof

... doesn’t have to be neither long nor rocky. He or she who consequently puts the focus on the horse and its needs will find suitable, functional and animal-friendly solutions.

For instance, the nailless hoofshoes by Dallmer: This kind of hoof protection spares the horse not only needless foreign bodies in its hoof but - thanks to the elastic material - also supports the natural function of the hoof. That’s one of the reasons why DALLMER Hoofshoes are exceedingly suited for treating hoof diseases.

For a healthy horse that you will be able to cover a lot of distance with.